Flight School


Fast. Affordable. Successful. Since 2001.

Become a pilot in 19 days. Add your commercial pilot rating in only 10 days. Whether you are a businessman, or busy by nature – take the fast lane with us. We save your time and your money – since 2001.

If you don’t have a year or  two to spend on your pilot licence, you are here at the right place. We teach you flying airplanes or helicopters safely through the sky, just like driving a car on the road.  We are real pilots, we love flying, and we focus much on the practical part, to make you the safest pilot possible.  Our students typically study the books that we supply at home, before they come to us for the practical training. This is a major part of our proven concept, and saves our students as much time and money as possible. Our books also contain the complete question bank for the written test, to ensure a maximum pass rate.

Why are our prices so competitive ?

Most of the costs ( over 90% ) are actually for aircraft maintenance , fuel and insurance.  Those costs vary drastically by country and state. Our flexible business structure allows us to select the most suitable location for your course.

How can our courses be so fast ?

We don’t believe that you learn better, if you learn slow and intermittent. We are professional pilots, and we are known for our “Accelerated Courses” . Before our students start their training, the checkride is already scheduled, and their training focuses straight on that goal. This intense and uninterrupted training elevates our students to their highest possible level of learning. In fact, most students describe their checkride as “just another day in the flight school”, because they simply do what they have done for weeks already. So far, our pass rate is at a verifiable 100% .

And most important of all – we believe, our one-on-one private lesson concept is key. No crowded classrooms, no waste of your valuable time, no unanswered questions.

Do I need to arrange accommodation etc  ?

No, you don’t. You can even bring your family for a vacation if you like. We arrange all for your needs, from accommodation to office space, for all budgets. You are free to use our facilities during the day, like internet, kitchen, phone etc.

This document is also availible in: German, Russian

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