A private airplane or helicopter is the ultimate tool for exclusive travel, photoshoots, media production and time critical freight.

No matter if you need us for weeks or just an hour – we are happy to help you with your planning and estimating costs.
For our media clients, we have a vast own portfolio of locations and cast available, and extensive experience in the field of still and motion picture gathering.

We are available for you at these prime locations:

  • Europe, primary : Northern Germany, Alps, Mediterranean Sea
  • Caribbean, primary: Bahamas
  • U.S , primary:  Los Angeles – Grand Canyon Region
  • Pacific, primary:  Hawaii

Through our longtime experience servicing private customers, the media industry and several U.S. Police Departments, we are specialised in these missions:

  • Short Haul Trips
  • Expeditions
  • Media Production
  • VIP Transport

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This document is also availible in: German, Russian