FAA Licence vs. EU Licence

Duration of course 19 days 6 to 24 months
Costs US$ 7.500 US$ 16.500
Emphasis practical theoretical
Written Test 60 Questions out of 600, 1.5 hrs approx.200 Questions out of 6000, 8 Subjects, 6 hrs
Expiration never after 2 years, complete loss after 3 years of inactivity
yearly maintenance costs( minimum hours, fees, medical ) US$ 200 US$ 3.600
Night Flight Qualification included no, additional US$ 5.800
CVFR Rating( permission to enter heavy traffic airspaces ) yes no, additional US$ 5.800
Radio Licence included no, additional US$ 3.500
Permission to perform preventive maintenance on your own airplane included no, additional US$ 7.800

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