The Purchase of an aircraft is a significant investment.

Aviation is known to be the safest means of transportation due to its high standards in regards of registration and  maintenance. That is exactly why the purchase of an aircraft involves a high financial risk, if not done the professional way.

If problems occur ( and they always do, right ? ) after an aircraft is already purchased, and maybe even shipped – things are getting very fast very expensive. Especially in the very high regulated area of Europe,  it is not unheard of, that registration was refused by authorities and imported aircrafts being taken out of service. In fact, we had customers who came to us after they tried it on their own – and ended up with an airplane, grounded almost beyond recovery. In that case, it took us 18 months to re-establish the correct paperwork and necessary certifications, and get the airplane back where it belongs – in the air. A very frustrating, and outrageous expensive experience that our customer had – before he came to us and let us do it the right way.

Our clients benefit from  substantial savings in purchase, transport, customs and other unnecessary costs. Our fees are flat rate and our customers can expect their aircraft of choice, ready to fly in their home country.

Since over 10 years we :

  • conduct international search and evaluation of aircraft
  • negotiate with sellers on behalf of our clients
  • conduct test flights and provide surveys
  • analyse and verify logbooks and maintenance history
  • execute the actual transaction of purchase in person
  • relocate and/or ship aircraft internationally, including customs clearance
  • register aircraft for our customers, in their name or to a confidential offshore trust
  • provide our clients with training in their aircraft, in their home country.

Our services are available for this range of aircraft  :

  • single- and multi-engine airplanes up to 5.9 to
  • single- and multi-engine helicopter with one rotor system
  • experimental airplanes and helicopters

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