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Jana Linke-Sippl, Bodybuilding World Champion



US Private Pilot Single Engine

Previous aeronautical experience: NONE

Thanks to Ralfs really great instruction, I passed my checkride and I am a pilot now ! Hurray :-)

A huge advantage was the combination of my native language and english. Otherwise I would have not learned so fast.

Also I liked Ralfs very thorough and calm way to instruct, he also always had a plan B for us. If the weather didn't play along with our plans, we did ground school, and I could take my checkride, pass it and got my pilot licence in the time we planed .

Again - many many thanks Ralf !

Jana Linke-Sippl

Bodybuilding World Champion

Oliver Bosch, Business Owner


Oliver Bosch


In my business, I deal a lot with the support and education of people. I was very impressed by the well-organized course, competent instruction and help in all matters. The very friendly relationship between the staff and me was overwhelming too. Chief Instructor Ralf knew exactly how to push me to my max, but never beyond, to ensure the best possible outcome in the shortest period of time. And we never forgot to have fun doing all that !

Private Pilot Licence ( PPL ) Airplane in 20 days.
Previous aeronautical experience : none, complete novice.
My highest respect and Thanks again !

Christian Tillmanns, Journalist


Christian Tillmanns


Very good, didactically focused instruction straight to the point. It enables the student in an effective and fast way to fly an airplane professionally and - most important - safely !

Private Pilot ( PPL ) Airplane in 21 days
Previous aeronautical knowledge: none, complete novice

Dr. Lothar Fechter, M.D.


Lothar Fechter

US Private Pilot Single Engine plus Multi Engine Rating in 14 days

Previous aeronautical experience: German PPL

Dear Ralf, and thanks again for your exemplary supervision and support during my flighttraining in Van Nuys back in april this year.
After two futile attempts in Florida, I got my Single- and Multi Engine Rating in California with your help.
I just applied for the validation here in germany.

With best regards, Lothar Fechter

Hartmut Stehr, Engineer Volkswagen


Hartmut Stehr

US Private Pilot (PPL) Airplane and US Private Pilot (PPL) Helicopter in only 13 days.
Previous aeronautical knowledge Helicopter: none, complete novice
Previous aeronautical knowledge Airplane: german PPL

Dear Ralf,
in the mean time, I am ( unfortunately ) back in cold wet Germany, back in reality. But hopefully the impressions of my great pilot-vacation will last for a while.....

For you and your prospective students, I would like to describe my experience as follows:

First of all - I never, regretted my decision to give my complete training into your hands. I will spread the word, like it or not !

The reasons I am so happy:

  • my dream came true, I accomplished both Airplane and Helicopter Private Pilot Licence, including the written tests, oral exams and practical tests in only 12 days ( it sounds impossible and I am not shure if it is allowed to advertise that ). I feel very safe as a helicopter pilot.

    Comment from Ralf, Chief Instructor: This is very unusual indeed and we need to put that into context. Hartmut already was an Airplane Pilot in Germany for 15 years. We provided him with all the books and he arrived very well prepared, ready for the written and oral test. Those 12 days where entirely spent on helicopter flight training, and only 3 hours of airplane time to prepare for the maneuvers required in the US. But still, a great performance from an outstanding student.

  • I had nothing to plan, only to show up for the flights ( only the flying itself had to be done by me :) )
  • the schedule was well focused on my goal ( to complete the checkrides in my vacation ) and was always properly adjusted as needed ( e.g. due to weather )
  • all aircraft, both airplanes and helicopters, where properly reserved and available, including backup
  • you and your colleagues prepared me spot-on for the oral and practical tests
  • for each phase of my training, I had the best available instructors ( Greg for the pre-checkride airplane, Patrick for autorotations, Yoyo for the solo-check. Each of them was specialized in his field,  I learned a lot from all those different instructors )
  • even the appointments for my written test, FSDO and medical examiner was taken care about by you, including addresses, phone numbers and printed driving directions.
  • very helpful also was the fact, that all those places are within a 5 min drive of your "Base Camp".
  • the daily workload ( ground school, flight training and other appointments ) was scheduled in a way, that it was not only very well accomplishable ( not like at a "real" job ),  but it kept things interesting. Sometimes, we even had time for lunch :)
  • Both locations Van Nuys and Camarillo are very practical. The weather of course is just great ( especially in November ), just as the scenic view of the landscape and downtown L.A. My initial concerns about heavy traffic and problems with radio communication just disappeared after a few days ( why else would I have come back solo in a helicopter to Van Nuys for a coffee, see the picture ! )
  • Our dual cross country flights where not only very instructional, but a real scenic highlight. I will never forget the night flight to Mojave, with all those abandoned airliners in the moonlight.  Or the helicopter flight around downtown, doused in all those neon lights, when we met the sheriff in his helicopter in the air !
  • More bang for the buck: Airplanes at EUR 80 per hour where darn cheap, and the R22 with EUR 180 also, especially if you put the current dollar value into account. The EUR 45 per hour for flight instruction was also well worth the money. And about your fixed price service fee, I can surely not complain, since I have seen with my own eyes, how much time and effort you have spent on me. I don't even want to know, how much time, hassle and costs of travel I have saved, because of your professional and unresting commitment. ( Would you had more hardship cases like me, you would have to raise your prices:- )
  • Also the briefing before I came to the US was very helpful ( Selection of flights and hotels, TSA and Visa applications , JAR Validation )
  • Your good connections to Examiners, authorities and schools were truly important.

But most of all: I had a blast those 2 weeks. Thank you very very much again, and would love to take on another challenge together with you, once I have saved some money for it.

I wish you all the best and keep doing things the way you do !
Best regards,Hartmut

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