Instrument Rating ( IFR ) Accelerated Course Airplane / Helicopter – Details

Certification: Intrument Rating ( IFR ) for Airplane or Helicopter
Duration: 14 days
Price EUR 5.900 Airplane / EUR 8.900 Helicopter
Prerequisites: Private Pilot Licence or Commercial Pilot Licence

Pilots consider the Instrument Rating as the “huge leap” in their career. It allows Pilots to fly in non-visual conditions, solely by reference to the instruments.

Pilots with IFR Rating are less dependent on weather, especially on flights over long distances where climate changes.

This rating includes the Advanced Radio Licence, a EUR 2500 value.

Our package also includes:

  • all required books
  • 10 hours of private ground school
  • 20 hrs of private simulator instruction
  • 15 hrs of private flight instruction

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This document is also availible in: German, Russian