Demo Flights

Ever wanted to fly a real airplane or helicopter by yourself ?  Just book a demo flight and go fly with one of our commercial pilots and flight instructors !

Our 1-day-pilot packages include a fun briefing and instruction about the aircraft of your choice and then you are ready for your flight.

You will exactly experience how it is to be a pilot – you sit in the pilot’s seat, while your instructor is in the copilot’s seat. Together you fly a scenic trip, work on the radios, make a stop at another airport and finally come back home. A priceless, first hand experience in the cockpit, guided by a professional pilot.

Not only a great idea for yourself, but great as a present too !

  • 1/2 day airplane starting at EUR 250.00
  • 1/2 day Helicopter starting at EUR 550.00

Can’t wait to go fly ? Contact us here now !

This document is also availible in: German, Russian