Offshore Registration

A private aircraft is certainly one of the major achievements in a lifetime, not only financially but also personally.

To protect this investment from third party access ( e.g. in case of bankruptcy, divorce or other legal issues ), any aircraft registration should be well planned, since the ownership will become public record.

Helicopters and airplanes can be registered – in contrast to cars – in a country or state other than their actual location. It is international law, similar to the registration of ships.

Depending on the type and use of the aircraft, one should choose a country for registration that fits the requirements of the owner best, for example

  • costs of registration
  • yearly maintenance costs
  • regulations for maintenance
  • options to register the aircraft in the name confidential offshore trust

We are specialized in registrations in the United States and Cayman Islands.  Both jurisdictions not only provide excellent privacy protection, but are worldwide respected for their industry leading flight safety standards.

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