Im & Export

Aircraft are often traded internationally. For European customers the U.S market is in general very attractive with its wide range of selection, competitive prices and a great dollar exchange rate.

While the initial purchase is an important part to make a great deal on an aircraft, it is important to keep an eye on the subsequent costs for relocation, transport, insurance, registration and customs clearance. All these costs combined can add up t0 the substantial amount of  35% of the value of the  aircraft. While some costs are inevitable ( e.g. registration fees ) , some can be completely eliminated ( e.g. the 20% import tax in Europe ).

We provide turn-key solutions and protect our customers from:

  • unexpected overhead
  • high insurance premiums
  • unprofessional customs clearances
  • surprises with regulations and authorities

We import and export aircrafts and parts on a regular base for a fair flat rate.

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