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Hawaiian Impressions

Hawaiian Impressions

Welcome to our world of flying in Paradise. Flying and learning to fly ist not just amazing itself, but combined with the beauty of the islands it is actually a dream come true for pilots. And not only for the pilot or a student pilot, but also for accompanying family, which can enjoy the time in paradise while the new pilot can aquire his licence in our of our FastTrack 19-day courses. Note: All pictures have been sent in by our passengers, pilots and students. We value authenticity, so these non-commercial pictures are published without being photoshopped and may not […]

Demo Flights

Ever wanted to fly a real airplane or helicopter by yourself ?  Just book a demo flight and go fly with one of our commercial pilots and flight instructors ! Our 1-day-pilot packages include a fun briefing and instruction about the aircraft of your choice and then you are ready for your flight. You will exactly experience how it is to be a pilot – you sit in the pilot’s seat, while your instructor is in the copilot’s seat. Together you fly a scenic trip, work on the radios, make a stop at another airport and finally come back home. […]


Owning a personal aircraft does not only mean freedom, but it all begins with an investment.  And that is actually good news ! If you buy smart, you can actually save a substantial amount of money. Specially for europeans, it is a good idea to look into other markets. Traditionally, the U.S. market is known for its vast selection, very competitive prices and high aircraft maintenance standards. For an aircraft search in the U.S market, we recommend those websites below. All these platforms are well established since over a decade, and every aircraft for sale is listed in at least […]


Im & Export

Aircraft are often traded internationally. For European customers the U.S market is in general very attractive with its wide range of selection, competitive prices and a great dollar exchange rate. While the initial purchase is an important part to make a great deal on an aircraft, it is important to keep an eye on the subsequent costs for relocation, transport, insurance, registration and customs clearance. All these costs combined can add up t0 the substantial amount of  35% of the value of the  aircraft. While some costs are inevitable ( e.g. registration fees ) , some can be completely eliminated […]


Keeping record and maintaining an aircraft in airworthy condition is complex and time consuming. We offer turn-key aircraft management solutions to outsource this work for aircraft owners, who simply don’t have the time for these chores. Our Aircraft Management Package ( AMP ) is for aircraft owners, who need their aircraft ready to fly, anytime at their disposal. Supervision and scheduling of all required maintenance, annual inspections, insurance and other regulative requirements Notification of all activities by email, SMS or phone. 24/7 global customer hotline Our additional Aircraft Rental Package ( ARP ) extends our service for owners, who want […]


The Purchase of an aircraft is a significant investment. Aviation is known to be the safest means of transportation due to its high standards in regards of registration and  maintenance. That is exactly why the purchase of an aircraft involves a high financial risk, if not done the professional way. If problems occur ( and they always do, right ? ) after an aircraft is already purchased, and maybe even shipped – things are getting very fast very expensive. Especially in the very high regulated area of Europe,  it is not unheard of, that registration was refused by authorities and […]

Offshore Registration

A private aircraft is certainly one of the major achievements in a lifetime, not only financially but also personally. To protect this investment from third party access ( e.g. in case of bankruptcy, divorce or other legal issues ), any aircraft registration should be well planned, since the ownership will become public record. Helicopters and airplanes can be registered – in contrast to cars – in a country or state other than their actual location. It is international law, similar to the registration of ships. Depending on the type and use of the aircraft, one should choose a country for […]

Flight Instructor ( CFI ) – Details

Certification: Flight Instructor ( CFI ) for Airplane or Helicopter Duration: 20 days Price EUR 4.500 Airplane / EUR 6.500 Helicopter Prerequisites: Commercial Pilot Licence Becoming a Flight Instructor ( CFI ) is a great option for a professional career in aviation. Not only can it generate a substantial income, but it’s also proof of your experience as a pilot and will become a very important part in your resume. The practical and oral test for the Flight Instructor Licence is known between pilots as “the hardest checkride ever”. We agree with that, it simply comes with the responsibility to […]