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Hawaiian Impressions

Hawaiian Impressions

Welcome to our world of flying in Paradise. Flying and learning to fly ist not just amazing itself, but combined with the beauty of the islands it is actually a dream come true for pilots. And not only for the pilot or a student pilot, but also for accompanying family, which can enjoy the time in paradise while the new pilot can aquire his licence in our of our FastTrack 19-day courses. Note: All pictures have been sent in by our passengers, pilots and students. We value authenticity, so these non-commercial pictures are published without being photoshopped and may not […]

Demo Flights

Ever wanted to fly a real airplane or helicopter by yourself ?  Just book a demo flight and go fly with one of our commercial pilots and flight instructors ! Our 1-day-pilot packages include a fun briefing and instruction about the aircraft of your choice and then you are ready for your flight. You will exactly experience how it is to be a pilot – you sit in the pilot’s seat, while your instructor is in the copilot’s seat. Together you fly a scenic trip, work on the radios, make a stop at another airport and finally come back home. […]


Owning a personal aircraft does not only mean freedom, but it all begins with an investment.  And that is actually good news ! If you buy smart, you can actually save a substantial amount of money. Specially for europeans, it is a good idea to look into other markets. Traditionally, the U.S. market is known for its vast selection, very competitive prices and high aircraft maintenance standards. For an aircraft search in the U.S market, we recommend those websites below. All these platforms are well established since over a decade, and every aircraft for sale is listed in at least […]

Flight Instructor ( CFI ) – Details

Certification: Flight Instructor ( CFI ) for Airplane or Helicopter Duration: 20 days Price EUR 4.500 Airplane / EUR 6.500 Helicopter Prerequisites: Commercial Pilot Licence Becoming a Flight Instructor ( CFI ) is a great option for a professional career in aviation. Not only can it generate a substantial income, but it’s also proof of your experience as a pilot and will become a very important part in your resume. The practical and oral test for the Flight Instructor Licence is known between pilots as “the hardest checkride ever”. We agree with that, it simply comes with the responsibility to […]

Airline Transport Pilot ( ATP ) – Details

Certification: Airline Transport Pilot for Airplane or Helicopter Duration: 10 days Price EUR 3.500 Prerequisites: Commercial Pilot Licence with IFR The Airline Transport Pilot Licence is the ultimate goal for most ambitious professional pilots. This rating is required to fly airplanes or helicopters in the special environment of commercial transportation in the airline industry. You need at least 1500 hrs of logged flight time to be eligible to take the written, oral and practical test. At this time in  your career, the practical test should not pose any problems, as it consists basically of the maneuvers that you have already […]

Instrument Rating ( IFR ) Accelerated Course Airplane / Helicopter – Details

Certification: Intrument Rating ( IFR ) for Airplane or Helicopter Duration: 14 days Price EUR 5.900 Airplane / EUR 8.900 Helicopter Prerequisites: Private Pilot Licence or Commercial Pilot Licence Pilots consider the Instrument Rating as the “huge leap” in their career. It allows Pilots to fly in non-visual conditions, solely by reference to the instruments. Pilots with IFR Rating are less dependent on weather, especially on flights over long distances where climate changes. This rating includes the Advanced Radio Licence, a EUR 2500 value. Our package also includes: all required books 10 hours of private ground school 20 hrs of […]

Multi Engine Rating – Details

Certification: Multi Engine Rating ( MEL ) for Airplane or Helicopter Duration: 5 days Price EUR 3.500 Airplane / Helicopter on request Prerequisites: Private Pilot ( PPL ) or Commercial Pilot ( CPL ) The Multi Engine Rating enables you to fly airplanes or helicopters with more than one engine, from a private airplane with two engines up to an airbus. Most airlines require a certain amount of Multi Engine time for hiring. This rating can be added to both the Private ( PPL ) or Commercial Pilot licence ( CPL ). Our package also includes all required books 10 […]

Commercial Pilot ( CPL ) Accelerated Course Airplane / Helicopter – Details

Certification: Commercial Pilot Licence ( CPL ) for Airplane or Helicopter Duration: 10 days Price EUR 3.000 Airplane / EUR 6.000 Helicopter Prerequisites: Private Pilot Licence The Commercial Pilot Licence ( CPL ) entitles Pilots to fly for hire. Therefore, this licence is the step into the world of commercial aviation. Major subject include: Commercial flight and safety procedures Complex aircraft systems Rules and Regulations, applicable for a commercial environment Enhanced emergency procedures Our package also includes: all required books 10 hours of private Ground school 5 hrs of private Flight Instruction 5 hrs of private Simulator Instruction contact us […]

Private Pilot ( PPL ) Accelerated Course Airplane / Helicopter – Details

Certification : Private Pilot Licence PPL Airplane or Helicopter Duration: 19 days Price : EUR 6.500 Airplane / EUR 9.500 Helicopter Prerequisites : – none – The Private Pilot Licence is the beginning and foundation of any pilots career. With your private Pilot Licence, you are allowed to fly any Single Engine Aircraft ( Airplane or Helicopter ), including carrying passengers and freight for private purposes.  You are entitled to fly internationally, day and night, to and from any size airport. Based on the Private Pilot Licence, you can afterwards acquire additional Licences – e.g. Commercial Pilot ( CPL ) […]